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Winter Sports in Northern Greece

Winter Sports in Northern Greece

Although renowned for its Ancient Greek legacies and summertime magic, Greece and its northern province of Macedonia are also engaging destinations for winter sports enthusiasts. Featuring a few nearby ski resorts, the surrounding area around Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna is quite competitive in this regard.

Have You Discovered Ski Resorts Of Northern Greece ?

The Mount Paggaio, which is located nearby, is the place of exceptional natural beauty, gifted with views over the Aegean Sea and diverse flora consisting of oak, pine, chestnut and other tree species. At the top of the 1956-meter high mountain, a small ski resort is located, the one that features two ski runs, a spacious ski slope and a ski lift (a baby-lift is available, as well). Being one of the smallest in Greece, the Paggio ski resort offers winter sport opportunities in a beautiful winter environment. The resort’s accommodating capacity is 90 people, but you can find a convenient accommodation in the Paggaio Forest Village.

The Lailias Ski Center, located to the north of Serres (around 70 km from Asprovalta) at the Vrontous Mountains, has 3 slopes appropriate for the beginners and experts. The Lailias Ski Center operates between 3 and 4 months and offers skiing and snowboarding opportunities. The length of the related slopes is around 1.25 kilometers. The ski resort disposes of 1 sliding and 1 baby-lift. Slopes are located between 1600 and 1850 meters above sea level.

If you belong to a group of somewhat fastidious winter sports devotees, you have convenient options, as well. Mount Falakro may be more distant (next to the Bulgarian border), but it features 21 different slopes, 9 ski lifts and a ski school for the beginners. Seasoned skiers, in addition to existing slopes, can benefit of a 5000-meter slope for endurance races. Ski slopes are located at the altitude between 1750 and 2050 meters, and offer marvelous panoramic views. Another feature you are going to like about the Mount Falakaro’s ski resort is its exceptionally long ski season; it has the longest season of all Greek ski resorts. If you happen to forget some part of your ski equipment, don’t worry; there is a ski shop on site and a medical center covers any type of potential emergencies.



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