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Tips for the Car Travelers

Useful Tips for the Car Travelers

Traveling by car is an extraordinary experience that reveals a completely new dimension of traveling. It allows you to conduct a trip under your own terms and caters to your personal habits. However, before setting off to such a voyage, you should have it well prepared in order to maximize its benefits.

Take the right car

The right car for your personal adventure has to be reliable and fuel efficient. It doesn’t necessarily mean that a new car would serve the purpose better than an old one, which mostly depends on their state. Make sure that the chosen car is recently serviced and consider the distance you plan to cover.

Another important thing to have in mind is the location of car services, particularly those specialized in the type of car you have. If any inconvenience occurs on the road, you should find the best support and timely resolution of your issue there.

Equip yourself with the necessary documents and knowledge

Traveling by car includes traversing different countries in most cases, which have different laws and regulations. Therefore, inform yourself and obtain all necessary documents in advance. These might include insurance policies, international permits and driving licenses, or else.

Greece is encircled by European and Asian (Turkey) countries, and most travelers need to pass at least a few of those. Hence, take time to find out what papers you’ll need on the road and what and how much you’re allowed to import.

Keep the expenses under control

Since the car-related expenses are the most substantial during the road trip, pay attention to small details that might save you a lot. Check the pressure in your tires frequently and keep your air-conditioner off. Unless the heat is intense, keeping your windows open will be sufficient most of the time.

Most of all, plan to replenish your fuel strategically. Prices of fuel tend to be different between countries and gas stations, so benefit of it.

Concluding tips

Note that the shortest route isn’t always the fastest, especially if you need to pass Thessaloniki on your way to Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna. And last but not least, the best ratio between the fuel consumption and traveling speed is around 100 km/h for most cars. Therefore, don’t push your car to its upper limits if the overall distance and the time frame allow it.

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