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FESTIVAL TREE OF LIFE - Asprovalta Thessaloniki

Tree of Life Festival, Asprovalta 2017

From June 23th to June 27th, Asprovalta will be the host of an interesting Tree of Life Festival. The festival combines music, lifestyle and art performances. Its popularity is ever-growing, especially among the younger population. Thus, if you have not yet decided where to go on a vacation, now you might get an idea. Tree of Life Festival in Asprovalta is a great opportunity for you to combine nice and useful.

Tree of Life music performances

The festival will have 3 stages where the party will go on. Sun Stage will be the main one, and artists performing there will entertain you during the day. Shows will include a lot of excellent music, dancing and fire performances. Once the sun sets, the party is moving to Moon Stage.

Moon Stage is in charge to keep you awake as long as possible. The shows will run all night long until midday. The stage will be smaller in size, but large enough for a great experience. As the show goes on, you can sit by a fire or unwind; it is completely up to you.

Finally, Liquid Stage will offer you several benefits. First, the stage will be set on the shoreline. Thus, you can get wet in the sea while enjoying a performance. Second, the stage transforms itself into an open-air cinema during the night. So, if you are a fan of all-time classics, forget sleeping.

Lifestyle and arts

Furthermore, other forms of art will make you delighted even more. At Tree of Life Festival, you can learn various lifestyle techniques that will improve your health and life. You are welcome to practice yoga or meditation and get some good advice while doing so. Also, you can enjoy a massage and other relaxation therapies on site.

In addition, art fans will find their corner at the festival’s art galleries and on the performing arts stages.

Useful info

Tree of Life Festival will take place at the Asprovalta EOT Achilles Camping. The campground disposes of all necessary facilities, such as toilets, showers and a market. The guest country of the festival is Greek neighbor Turkey.


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