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Tips for a better Asprovalta-Vrasna experience

Tips for a better Asprovalta – Nea Vrasna experience

Asprovalta and adjacent Nea Vrasna are destinations that simply promise a pleasant and comprehensive (if you are up to it) vacation. While the first is convenient for families, active people and nightlife seekers, the latter is the right choice for families with small children and those who crave for a peaceful vacation.

Being surrounded by three mountains, Asprovalta offers great opportunities for activities in nature, such as trekking and cycling. Alongside Asprovalta Beach, you can also find a few sport courts for football, volleyball, even table tennis. If you have in mind other type of activities, you can book engaging excursions to Stagira (birthplace of Aristotle), Thessaloniki (shopping and Waterland), Philippi archaeological site, and more. You don’t have to go far to find a museum, though. The National Museum Asprovalta brings you into the everyday life of local people, music, tradition, and so on.

Note that in the Asprovalta-Vrasna region wind blows most of the time, giving you an impression that it’s cooler than it really is. Keep in mind to use a sunscreen at all times to protect your skin. Once you are secure from the sunburns, you are allowed to observe the horizon. From time to time, you may notice playful dolphins performing for the benefit of all. So it would be wise to keep a spyglass next to you.

Asprovalta and Vrasna beaches feature parasols and sun beds, which could be used for a price of a drink or two in a nearby bar. In most cases you’ll get free Wifi, too. On other sections of the beach, you are free to install your own parasol. If you prefer, however, natural shade, half of the beach in Nea Vrasna is shadowy most of the time. As for sea bathing, before you jump into tempting waters, watch out for sea urchins, which tend to appear occasionally. You may also encounter big, dark jellyfish, mostly during the afternoon, but pay them no mind, they are completely harmless.

Main commercial facilities of the region are located in Asprovalta, where you can find souvenir shops, nightlife facilities, restaurants, parks… Prices in restaurants are quite reasonable. In Nea Vrasna, for instance, you can have fairly large gyros (a Greek national specialty) with salad for less than 5 Euros.

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