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General Safety of the Asprovalta - Nea Vrasna

General Safety of the Asprovalta – Nea Vrasna Region

The first thing you ask yourself when planning a trip is whether the destination you have chosen is safe. If you already intend to allocate time, effort and money into something, you wish to be certain it’s worth it. The Association of Tourist Accommodations vouches for the safety of the region and for your premium experience.

Cosmopolitan spirit of the Macedonian region

You are probably well aware of various conflicts that took place in the Macedonian region in the past. The AsprovaltaVrasna region is close to the borders of Bulgaria and Turkey, and past animosities between these nations and Greece are well-known. And it’s precisely where they remain – in the past.

Thankfully, people from these countries are equally welcomed to this area of Greece as everyone else. You may even find that a waiter or waitress serving you in a beach bar is from these countries (or any other). Therefore, fear not to come to Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna regardless of your origins or religion. Rest assured that you’re going to be welcomed as an old friend and enjoy your sojourn completely.

Safe driving to and around Asprovalta and Vrasna

You’ll find that roads in the region are pretty straight and well-signposted. Hence, you won’t have trouble finding your way around. Although you may find that the Greeks tend to be energetic drivers, they are equally disciplined and forthcoming in ride. As a result, driving in Macedonia and Asprovalta – Vrasna, or anywhere in Greece, is very safe.

The only ones you should maybe pay closer attention to on the roads are the foreign vehicles. Since many passengers travel from afar, they might be impatient to reach their destination and act unpredictably. Finally, you shouldn’t be worried about that since such a conduct isn’t rampant.

Demonstrations and protests in Greece?

Nothing you should be concerned about. Most protests and demonstrations you may have heard of take place in larger cities (Athens, Thessaloniki…). Consequently, you won’t usually notice anything out of the ordinary.

What else you should note?

As a friendly and traditionally forthcoming toward visitors, Asprovalta, Nea Vrasna and entire Greece set high standards in the hospitality area. And that’s what you won’t have trouble to notice by coming here.


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