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How to Easily Access Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna ?

Asprovalta – Nea Vrasna tourist resort, located in the Macedonian region of northern Greece, is a beautiful and popular destination among travelers that had a pleasure to pay it a visit. Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna grow ever more popular with every passing season, and an outstanding connection to other regions of Greece, neighboring and distanced European countries plays a significant role in the resort’s expanding popularity.

Asprovalta – Nea Vrasna resort is located roughly halfway between Thessaloniki, the second largest Greek city, and Kavala, the main seaport of Macedonia. If coming to Asprovalta or Nea Vrasna from more distanced regions, your best option is to fly to “Macedonia Airport” near Thessaloniki, and catch the regular bus connection to Asprovalta. Kavala seaport is connected with some Aegean Islands, Rhodes Island and Attica region by ferries, and you can also catch a bus to Asprovalta and Vrasna from there. Depending on the bus routes, travelling times from either direction shouldn’t exceed two hours.

The matters are simplified if you travel with your vehicle since Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna are located next to Egnatia Odos, the main motorway of northern Greece, which extends from Igoumenitsa on the Ionian coast (near Albania) to Alexandroupoli, near Turkey (620 km = 385 miles). Considering that speed limits on Egnatia Odos are 130 km (80 miles) per hour, and that the motorway is conveniently located near state borders, a simple calculation indicates a close proximity to Asprovalta Vrasna resort from any neighboring country.

That being said, by avoiding overcrowding that tends to form at the borders in peak tourist seasons, travelling times from FYROM (Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia) and Bulgaria don’t exceed a couple of hours at most. On the other hand, if your journey starts in Serbian or west Turkish regions, you should plan roughly half a day to reach Asprovalta and Nea Vrasna.

Besides the Egnatia Odos motorway, you could use a number of local routes that are well maintained to come to the beautiful seaside of the Strymonian Gulf. Along the way, you will get to know beautiful nature and the interesting historical heritage of Macedonia, the largest and the second most populous region of Greece.



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