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Asprovalta Vrasna Water - Beach Activities

Asprovalta Vrasna Water – Beach Activities

Swimming in the sea and activities in the water are among the main reasons why people flock to the seaside during summer. If the beach you have picked out features the Blue Flag award, even better. The Asprovalta-Vrasna seaside offers unique opportunities to enjoy beautiful nature and crystal clear waters under your terms since active and family people can find their perfect spot without difficulties.

Be aware, though, to take necessary precautions before you start to enjoy relaxing activities in a beautiful environment. Although it might not appear so due to winds, the sun burns intensely, so make sure to apply the sunscreen as often as necessary, especially if you tend to spend much time in the water. Sea urchins might appear from time to time in shallow waters, so open your eyes for them before you rush into the water. Also, note that Vrasna Beach features steeper entry into water than Asprovalta Beach.

Once you get into the blue sea, you won’t wish to get out. If you are a fan of scuba diving, the underwater world of Asprovalta-Vrasna won’t let you down. Don’t worry if you forget some piece of equipment; there are shops where you can have your gear complemented. If you prefer the ground activities over the underwater ones, a couple of sport courts at Asprovalta Beach offer team and individual sports activities (football, volleyball and table tennis, for example).

Back into the water. From time to time, dark large jellyfish tend to appear along the seaside; if you notice them, don’t be troubled because they can cause you no harm. On the other side, you can enjoy a game of playful dolphins if you are lucky.

Although certain sections of Asprovalta-Vrasna beaches feature pebbles, you can find long stretches of sand along the seaside. It is particularly convenient for couples with small children, who can build sandy castles and other structures to their hearts’ content.

Various beach bars along the beach offer refreshments throughout the day, as well as free Wi-Fi if you need to check your e-mail or get some urgent business done.

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