Asprovalta, Nea Vrasna, Paralia Vrasnon Accommodation & Tourism Association

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Accommodation and Tourism Association of Asprovalta – Vrasna

Message from the President

Dear visitors,

We welcome you to the new website of our association, which is another effort to promote of our region.

It is a way to attract larger numbers of tourists, highlighting our region in a broader geographical context, but at the same time promoting our members’ accommodations.

Our main goal is our association to expand and that can be achieved ONLY with the participation of more and more active members, so that its voice will become stronger.

Therefore I urge you to join forces to work together for our region and for the future of our children, because


Apostolos Tsakridis



The Association of Tourist Accommodations in Asprovalta Vrasna, was founded in 1997 and is a member of the Federation of Halkidiki.

Initially it started with a few members. In the course the past years, accommodations have multiplied, as did the members of the association.

Steadily it contributes to the tourist development of the region, with the participation in tourism exhibitions mainly in the Balkans and in other events that are related to tourism.

Everyone’s wish is greater tourism development in our region, since TOURISM is the strongest pillar of our nation’s economy, and for all of us to continue to do better what we already know … HOSPITALITY!!!!

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