In the settlement of Vrasna, high in the foothills of Kerdyllia, the visitor Strymonikos Gulf may encounter a Byzantine tower dating from the early 15th century.

It is located in the courtyard of the Holy Church of the Assumption.

According to a research of the 9th Byzantine Antiquities Inspectorate, the fort must have been on three levels with a roof, traces of which unfortunately have not been saved. The area of the interior must be approximately 50m²., while the thickness of the walls must have been about 2,40 meters at the base then gradually reduced at each of the floors.

It has been constructed by colorful stones, which were collected from the area, with little use of bricks and plaster. In the form that it has today, only the ground floor is in quite a good state, while there are some parts of the first floor.

Information on the exact circumstances that led to the construction of the fort of Vrasna has not been found. It is certain that the fort served the defense needs of the settlement that used to exist in the area, while it must have also been used as a base for military activities.



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