The Macedonian Tempi is the area between the mountains of Cholomontas and Kerdylia. It is a valley that starts from the west in the town of Rentina, near Lake Volvi and ends in the Strimonikos bay.

Rentina Valley – Macedonian Tempi

The Macedonian Tempi valley is characterized by dense vegetation.The vegetation that grows consists mainly of large plane, willows, lindens and elms trees.

In the Macedonian Tempi valley, the Richeios River, one of the oldest rivers in Greece, has been flowing for centuries. The beginning of the river is in Volvi Lake and it ends in the waters of the Gulf of Strimonikos.

The Macedonian Tempi valley also has great historical importance. You can find the castle of Rentina, the Artemisio, as well as the church of Agia Marina, which is near the modern town of Rentina.

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