The Holy Monastery of St. George is located on the south east side of Kerdyllia, above the village of Asprovalta and has a wonderful view over the bay of Strymoniko. The monastery is now abandoned and is dedicated to St. George.

Based on the architecture and the murals that have been preserved, it is dated back to the second half of the 16th century.

From the monasterial group, the catholicon and parts of the enclosure and the cells have been preserved.

It was probably a dependency of the Esfigmenou monastery, because the area, in which the monastery of St. George was built, belonged to the Esfigmenou monastery in the post-Byzantine times.

The murals that have survived have close relationships with those of the painter Anthony, who worked on Mount Athos and in Western Macedonia in the late 16th century.

Access to the monastery happens either by foot or by a of-road car (4×4).



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