Domaine Vlivlia Chora is situated on the slopes of mount Pangeon at Kokkinochori, Kavala. In 1998, Vassilis Tsaktsarlis and Vangelis Gerovassiliou created a vineyard of biological cultivation which today extends to over 350 acres. Within this stretch of land is the modern winery in which the wines of the Domaine are produced.

The philosophy of the winemaking focuses on the production of high quality wine that is bind by the ecosystem of mount Pangeon and expresses the uniqueness of the natural surroundings. To achieve this goal, the cultivation and vinification take place under special catering, using not only the knowledge and experience but also by merging tradition with technology.

The reception area is a well-attended space where guests can have a look at the numerous books about wine and enjoy the view of mount Pangeon until their tour around the Estate begins. On the top floor of the building, there are 4 studios (under the names Areti, Galipsos, Ovilos and Vlivlia Chora) tastefully decorated and fully equipped to meet the needs of modern accommodation for anyone who wishes to stay and experience the atmosphere of the Estate.

Domaine Vlivlia Chora is open to all visitors. During your visit, the guide will take you round the vineyards and explain the agricultural history of the area and the modern biological cultivation.

In the modern winery you can have a tour around the areas of production, bottling and aging, in the underground cellars and reception areas. Wine tasting takes place in α special lounge overlooking the wine aging area.

Within the terms of bringing together the wine lovers with the winery as well as the general world of wine, Domaine Vlivlia Chora is an active member of the Association of Winemakers of Northern Greece and takes part in various activities for this very reason. The goal of passing on the knowledge and love of winemaking is the ultimate goal of this attempt by all the winemakers-producers.

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640 08 Kokkinochori, Kavala

+30 25920 44974

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