The castle is located at the top of a natural hill that overlooks the point where the mountains of the basin of Migdoniki converge and create a narrow passage that allows the passage of Richeios River and ancient Macedonia communication road with the Thracian region.

This road became well known during the Roman Era, as the Egnantia Street and continued its life during the Byzantine years, but also during the Turkish occupation until today. The two sides of the hill are steep and difficult to get by and together with the walls; they make a very powerful fortified area whose target was to rule and to control this road.

The hill is located on the western side of the Richeios River and consists of a truly beautiful place. The area is especially protected for its natural beauty but also for its unique vegetation by the international conventions and is considered one of the greatest, of environmental importance, areas of the world.

A total of nine towers have been found, around the wall, in the acropolis and in the transverse wall of the castle. All towers have a square shape except for one of Justinian’s time, which is circular. Among the towers, they stand out for their size and also for their height to which the eastern corner tower and the western corner tower still remain today.



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