The most important historical area of Halkidiki, the ancient Stageira, are located in the area of Liotopi, just next to today’s Olimpiada. The tour is a real treat. Especially if you want to see it all, you must know that you will need at least 2 to 3 hours, and you should not miss the coastal path, which is great.

The city was founded in 655 BC by Ionian settlers from the island of Andros, while a little later settlers from Chalkida arrived. After the Persian wars Stageira were also made part of the Athenian Alliance, contributing to the common fund. During the Peloponnesian war but specifically in 424 BC, the city defected from the Athenians and allied with the Spartans. That angered the Athenians, who hastened to besiege the city, but without a result.

Later, however, the Stageira proceeded to the Audience of Chalkideon, i.e. to the confederation of all of the cities of Chalkida that had it’s headquarter in Olintho. In the year 349 B.C. the city was besieged and then succumbed to the king of Macedonia Philip II, who destroyed it completely in order for himself to re-establish it after a few years, for the favor of Aristotle. It seems that this destruction by Philip already marked the beginning of the city’s decadence, which then began to decline continuously.

When Aristotle passed away in the year 322 B.C. in Chalkida, his body was transported to his hometown, the Stageira, where he was buried with excellent values. He was proclaimed the “founder” of the city and they built an altar over the tomb. In fact, they even established a festival in his memory, the “Aristoteleia”.




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